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5:14pm 10-11-2009
All I have to say is WOW!!!!! Awesome Site! I Love it! Def putting this in my favorites. Ur Awesome!!!
12:58am 04-16-2009
Hey Shayla! Very Nice collection of video game gifs you have. Some day I'd really like to see this site expand, will multiple people contributing do it and containing a more universal collection of gifs, since right now most of them are nintendo related ones. Good luck in the future!
11:00pm 01-08-2009
I love your Gifs! i think they are really cute!
8:51am 08-23-2008
do u have HTML codes 4 the GIFs?
1:58pm 05-27-2007
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1:57pm 05-27-2007

this guestbook rocks